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Writing: Letter from the Editor in the Stylist Handbook

Letter from the Editor

July 10th, 2015

I met a beautiful young lady at a party I was throwing at the Dina Collection in Beverly Hills, CA for the Stylist Handbook. She was attending as one of my celebrity guests, invited by Editor-at-Large, Doug Haley. I was very impressed by her class and candor for her age, she was the adorable Lexi Ainsworth. 

Since we met those three or so years ago I have styled her and spent time with her at events and at her home. I’ve watched her mature into an impressive and loving woman. It helps she also has a lovely family that I just adore! 

Around the end of April I received a message from Lexi, she was in need of a styling help for her upcoming trip to la Festival de Cannes. I put together a Pinterest board and began emailing designers I had hoped to work with to create Lexi as a “fashion darling.” 

Once Lexi returned home from her European adventure I had one more adventure for her, asking her to star in the Stylist Handbook’s new seasonal Featurettes and video. 

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Devon de la Poer 
Editor In Chief 


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